My Bedroom的小學英語作文

小學生作文 時間:2018-11-27 我要投稿

  小學英語作文800字:My Bedroom

  my bedroom is very big.

  the walls are white and blue. the curtains are blue too. there is a big window on the wall, so my bedroom is also very bright. there are some photos on the wall. they’re very beautiful.

  in the middle of the room, there is my bed. it’s not so big, but it’s very comfortable. every night, i lay on the bed and have a good dream.

  on the right of the bed, there is my desk and chair. they’re in front of the window. my computer is on the desk. there is a lamp on the desk, too. i can do my homework here and play computer games.

  my bookshelf is on the left of the bed. there are a lot of storybooks and picture books in the shelf. i like them very much.

  not everyone has a bedroom. i’m very lucky, because i have a very beautiful bedroom. i’ll try my best to keep it clean and tidy.