My Birthday 英語作文范文

英語作文 時間:2018-11-08 我要投稿

  today is my nineth mother and my grandma buy a big cake for me.when i get home,i see a cake on the table. there are nine candles on it and there is a present next to the cake.i ask my mother and my grandmother:”what’s it?”they say:”can you guess?””yes,i it a toy-car?””’s not.jpg”my mum says.jpg”is it a cap?””no,it’s not.jpg””is it a scarf?””yes,it’re so clever.jpg”i open it.hmm!there is a letter under the scarf.write :the weather is getting cold,please wear this scarf ,don’t have the flu.jpg””thanks mum and grandma.i love you very much!”