No pain no gain英語作文

英語作文 時間:2018-11-08 我要投稿

  I am sure everybody has specific attribute or quality distinguish me from anyone else. For me, I think perseverance is my specific attribute.

  Going through my past, I could see my perseverance was not inherited from my parents whom obviously different from me on this point, and I remember when I was young I never put my heart into one thing for a long time, today did this, tomorrow that, can’t have got one thing satisfied, so I was the useless one in the other’s eyes.

  When I was in high school, I was appointed as the leader of sports in our class. In fact, I did not know why I would be a leader of sports since I did not have sports strength. At the first year our school held an annual sports meeting, I joined it, actually I did not want to, but no choice, because I was a leader, and I chose the 3000m racing. Unfortunately, I won the last one, oh, my god, my face lost up, so sorry I felt. After that I made a resolution to practice it, every morning at 5 o’clock, I got up to run, just like this did it every day, no matter raining or snowing, I never gave it up. No pain no gain! This saying was totally right. I won the three successive championships of 3000m racing at our school sports meeting. I was so proud of myself. And more importantly, seeing it now is that my character had been changed, but that time I did not realize it, just did I knew when I chose something I would struggle to perform it till it was accomplished.

  Now I chose to improve English, I never worry about the result, I just knew learning a language need a long time, so I do it everyday, and even I would have left GLV.