Dear Madam的英語作文

英語作文 時間:2018-11-09 我要投稿

  Dear Madam:

  My name is Phoenix Woo , I am from Xidian University , China. I am writing to you for a permission to use your facilities .

  Next month , I will visit London University with my professor . I heard that there are some facilities which are used in IC Design ,in your library . As my major is microelectronics , and at present I am studying VSLI Design , so I am eager to use that .

  As we will stay at London for a week , if it is possible , I’d like to use that for at least 5 days. From Aug 8th ,which is the 2nd of my trip , to 12th . My plan is like this .

  In the first day , I will search some useful in your library , and right after that I will start my experiment .In this experiment , I may use your PPC-1 and PCSI-3. This my last at lest 3 days . And no latter than Aug 11th , I will finish my experiment . After that , I will test one of my IC , which is designed in China . Such work may take no more than one day . At last , I will check all of the facilities that I have used .

  My personal Address is that : #031 Xidian University , Shaanxi province ,China . My telephone number is :86-029-123213797.

  Please contact me as soon as possible , if my request is approved .

  Your Sincere

  Phoenix Woo