英語作文 時間:2018-11-13 我要投稿

  “should men and women be equal?” this is an issue much talked all over the world。 china has made great effort to improve the legal status of women and put the principle of equality into practice。 however, women are still denied the right to compete with men on equal terms in many fields。

  in this enlightened age, there still exist a certain number of men who view women as second—class citizens。 they maintain many things men do could not be done by women, who are inferior, unreliable,irrational and weak。 some men even say housework is the women’s task and the wives’ sacrifices are sure to set the husbands up for great success。 so the former should have more rights than the latter。

  nevertheless, women have shown their excellence and superiority in any fields。 as football players, doctors, professors, scientists, and even presidents of countries, they are as good as men and have often put men to shame。 they are so conscientious, industrious,and persevering that they frequently succeed brilliantly in all walks of life in addition to bearing and rearing children。

  it goes without saying that from the time when mankind first appeared on the earth, there have been men and women。 humanity could not have existed and progressed without either of them。