Do you want to be my friend小學英語作文

英語作文 時間:2018-11-13 我要投稿

  my name is tang shanshan, my english name is alice。 i am 10 years old。 i study in linpu no。1 primary school。 i am beautiful。 i have long hair, big eyes。

  my favourite day is friday。 we have music and english class。 potatoes are my favourite food, they’re tasty and healthy。 my favourite drink is coffee。 they’re tasty and healthy too。 i like animals。 but i don’t like frog and spider, they’re ugly。

  i like playing table tennis and playing the piano。 i’m helpful, i can make the bed, sweep the floor, water the flowers, empty the trash, put away the clothes and many other housework。 do you want to be my friend?