A Portrait of Our English英語作文

英語作文 時間:2018-11-28 我要投稿

  “he's always in a hurry”----that is what everybody says of our english teacher, mr. hong. he gives importance to efficiency① in everything, so his lessons are always arranged full. we cannot afford to be absent-minded, otherwise, his fluent english will go by our ears. how disappointing it would be if we should fail to grasp his valuable and meaningful words!

  learning a foreign language may be uninteresting work, but it becomes interesting in mr. hong's classroom.

  “why?”you may ask. that is because his lessons are always full of humor and liveliness. he tells us humorous stories and draws funny pictures on the blackboard. he is firmly against just having the students recite the tets mechanically. he wants to improve our abilities in listening, speaking, writing and reading. the results are impressive: most of us have passed the aural comprehension② eamination; we are not afraid to stand in front of the class to make a speech or talk in english; we can even write some compositions and read ssp (shanghai students' post ) without difficulty.

  mr. hong is not only an ecellent teacher, but also a hard learner. he has broad knowledge, and has already written and translated a thick pile of essays and books, but he is not satisfied with his achievements. on the contrary, he is studying even harder than we students. he is interested in all kinds of new things and likes to ask questions.“eample is better than precept③”, and we have decided to learn from him his spirit.

  our progress makes mr. hong happy, for he regards us as his close friends. his smiling, epecting eyes show that he loves us and wishes us to be useful citizens of our country.

  will his wishes be realized?

  please wait, mr. hong. we'll give you a satisfactory answer in the future and we also wish you----our dear teacher every success in your work!