facing to the new oriental english英語作文

英語作文 時間:2018-11-28 我要投稿

  when i came back from singapore, it was already the 1st of august. the ten-hour trip made me so tired. as soon as i got home, my father gave me a card. there were some words on it: new oriental, nec ii.

  i was not happy but i had to go to shanghai to learn english. one of the new oriental’s students said, “to love someone maybe needs one minute; to love english just needs a lesson.” i have been interested in english since my first class at new oriental.

  my teacher has a lovely and beautiful name: angela. she is very beautiful and humorous. she told us about her life, her dream and her friends. she let us learn english in films, games and in many other ways.

  ever since then, i have felt a new kind of love for english. it is really very interesting!