She Is No Longer the Little Girl英語作文

英語作文 時間:2018-11-29 我要投稿

  it is already ten oclock。 but i cant get to sleep。 i recollect what i have done the whole day。

  it is sunday, a sunny but strange day。

  when i got up this morning, i found a young lady in my house。 she looked about 20 years old。 how strange! i swear that i have only one daughter, a ten year—old girl, about 4。5 feet tall。 but the young lady seems not to be shorter than 5。4 feet。maybe she looks like my little girl, but she isnt。 how come my little girl was up so early?

  the breakfast is ready。 blt (a kind of sandwich),favorite。 there is nobody else ecept us two here, so seemed to talk to me。 oh, blt, thats really my favorite。how does she know that?

  im going to go to the supermarket to buy some food。the young lady said before she was out。 nursemaid? house keeper? ive never hired one。

  the young lady appears to know something about me。 no,about my family。 after she came back from the supermarket, i firmly believed that。 look, what she has bought: my favorite hairtail and tomato, my little girls beef and her fathers tins of beer。

  then,i spent the whole afternoon watching tv with the strange lady。 there was a piece of news about ehibition of pets。you know, pets are not only dogs and cats。 my little girl dreams of having a chameleon。 what a horrible thing! i even have some doubts whether it is really a pet。 how nice! look, its head and body are covered with green scales which shine like emeralds。what made the young lady so ecited? yes, a chameleon。 apparently, the lady likes it as my little girl does。

  suddenly, a cockroach caught our eyes。 the lady raised one of her slippers, i can handle it。 if she were my little girl, she would be scared to death。 she is very afraid of such disgusting things。

  when it was time for dinner, the lady helped me cook。 but my little girl would not。 when she is watching tv, shes all ears。 i have to call her for many times。 she always says, all right already。 pm coming。 but she seems to be stuck on the armchair。

  the young lady switched off the lights, came up to me and kissed my forehead, and said with a tender tone, good night,mom。

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