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  wildlife etinctionthe u.s. is faced with the problem of wildlife etinction. by the end of 1600, the number of etinct wildlife species was less than ten kinds. but in 1900, the number was more than 70 kinds.there is nothing to make a fuss about the phenomenon. this is, anyway, a definite result of population growth and environment pollution. with the increase of population, people need more and more land to grow crops and more space to live. thus, there is less and less room in the usa for wildlife to survive. with the rapid development of agriculture and in dustry, the environment is seriously polluted, which destroys the living condition of wildlife. therefore, the phenomenonof wildlife etinction, in a sense, should draw people's consideration.to solve the problem, both the government and the citizens should make ef forts together. the government, most important of all, needs to take some mea sures to control the birth rate so that there will be more room for wildlife species. the citizens, too, should develop their awareness of environment protection.