the sino-japanese relationship as i see it英語作文

英語作文 時間:2018-11-29 我要投稿

  we are the generation brought up with the sino-japanese relationship as neighbours separated by a strip of water . as we all know, china and japan, are the two most important nations in east asia, whose trade has been so tightly bound with each other.

  two days ago ,i read an article about sino-japanese relationship. according to the author, china and japan ,should abandon their mutually hostile attitudes on matters of history and politics and achieve agreement in some important fields. china and japan should have learned more from germany and france, which two have already achieved reconciliation and held hands together. however, due to the special history and character of the two nations, it is indeed very hard to imagine the chinese and the japanese doing the same. that is to say, there are still many obstacles, which are quite different from those between germany and france, existing in the way towards the true reconciliation.

  i do agree with the author that china and japan should achieve a kind of reconciliation. but i find that the chance for such a reconciliation is quite slim.there are mainly two reasons supporting this opinion.

  firstly, from the part of china, it will be quite difficult or even impossible for the chinese to totally put aside the suffering memory, not to mention forgive and reconcile with the japanese.

  secondly, from the side of japan, conditions are almost equally complex and difficult.compared with the brutal deeds of the japanese army, the apology given by the prime minister seems too superficial . it could hardly heal the mental and spiritual wound of the asian people, not to mention solve the dispute between china and japan.

  in a word, due to the special history and character of the two nations, i do think the chance for the reconciliation is quite slim. we still have a long way to go.