英語作文 時間:2019-03-26 我要投稿

  When I was a child, friendship is a box of watercolors, graffiti with tender hands out the smiling faces of the innocent colorful, inadvertently wet the paste, oh, it's ok to draw a better, more real. Childhood friendship is like a warm fire, are unscrupulous argue, is each other in anger pursed lips, plunder the parcel together sweet popcorn... Friendship is a big candied fruit, whenever taste, are gay. That's childhood friendship, is one of the crown, naive for jewelry, do tassel romance - so beautiful so pure. This is only the blue sky belongs to the childhood friendship, friendship forever.

  Grow up, friendship is a piece of transparent glass, light the lonely heart failure. Broken, is hard to together, can only hide in a corner crying silently, quietly wake up... Where fall where it on their own strong to climb up, that's our footprints of growing up.